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What is Cut Mover Game

Cut Mover Game is a multiplayer game in which you compete against other players in a battle to conquer territory. Use Super Cutter to sweep the territory and make your map the biggest. Move, overcome obstacles, and destroy enemies to become number one. Cut Mover is simple, easy to play, and helps you entertain.

Game Details

Each player in the Cut Mover Game will control their very own unique character. The objective is to take control of that character and navigate them through the various available regions. When you occupy a section of the map, the surrounding territory will be colored to correspond to you. However, your enemies will not let this task be simple. Even if you have already traversed an area, it may still change colors if your enemies sweep over it later. 

For that reason, in addition to increasing the size of their territory, each player also has the responsibility of eliminating their enemies. You can knock them out of the match by reaching out and using the Super Cutter. Simultaneously, be wary of the cutter used by your enemies; it is likely that they will eliminate you before you have the chance to do it. 

Your cutter will grow in size and strength proportionately to the amount of territory that you successfully take. You can also improve your weapons in order to pass many different levels on a larger playground. 

Additionally, players have the option of selecting one of two playing modes. The two modes have different gameplay to suit each person's wishes.

How to Play Cut Mover Game

This seemingly-easy game can still sometimes discourage you because you can't win at the end. But, our sharing below can be of help to you. Here's how! 

Slide your mouse to control the character's movement. The territories that your character occupies will be changed to the corresponding color. 

Reach and eliminate enemies with the Super Cutter. You will have many enemies in that arena. They also have a similar goal to yours and are ready to stand in your way. To avoid letting your enemies take the territory you have captured, you must destroy them. 

Determine the correct rotational direction of the Super Cutter, knock each out of the game in turn, and avoid being destroyed first. 

Choose enemies to destroy based on their size. It is easy for each player to knock down weaker enemies. Every time you finish off an enemy or capture an extra part of the map, your power will increase, and your cutter will be stronger. So, choose enemies weaker than you to destroy first. When you are strong enough, you can attack the next ones. Try to be the last person left on the map. 

Cover the entire map with your color and be the winner. Go to the next level with a bigger playground.

Can you be the winner in the Cut Mover Game? Invite friends to fight each other or compete with unfamiliar opponents for your territory. Have fun!

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