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Retro Bowl


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What is Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is an American football simulation game. When playing the game, players will be involved in high-quality rugby matches, and at the same time, you will become a coach, leading your team to victory. It is up to you to train and make sure that defenders, strikers and midfielders are all fit to fight on a rectangular field with scoring posts at each end. Each team will consist of 11 players. Retro Bowl is for you if you like sports games or just want to test your skills as a manager for your favorite team.

Tips and trick

  • Take control and educate your own team.
  • Perform daily tasks.
  • Alternate orders and plans.

How to play

Retro Bowl can be played unblocked on a computer. Retro Bowl can now be played on the web using a phone or tablet because it was updated in 2021.

Go through the Tutorial when you first start the game to get a feel for how it works.

A touch of the ball, worth six points, is scored by moving the ball into the opponent's end area. You can also score three points by kicking the ball over the goalposts.


  • To throw the target, click the left mouse button, then drag.
  • To avoid obstacles and dive, press A, W, S and D.
  • To move up and down, click the blue circle below the player.

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