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What is is a survival and expansion-based multiplayer io game. Each player starts with a small island, The goal of the whole game is to make it bigger by adding new areas to it but watch out for the enemies. Capture other players and take their land, or run to them to eliminate them before they take more land. If a player rushes to you before you link your new area, the game will end and go back to the beginning.

 How to play

You will role-play and control a character with a square shape. This character will leave a trail indicating where the new land you will take over will end. Be cautious, because others are constantly attempting to take your territory. 

You can move around using the mouse or the WASD key/cursor on the keyboard.

You are safe in your field, but once you are outside, you are vulnerable. Try not to let your opponent's copy touch you and never be afraid to attack first.

Game tips

  • Find and attack the enemy's weak point.
  • Quickly but carefully move into the new space.
  • Always beware of the enemies around.

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