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What is is an extremely engaging game development where you can control black holes moving through the city and eating all the objects in its path.

You play in a small town with other players and your mission is to become the biggest and strongest black pit! Eat everything around you: benches, lights, people and even skyscrapers. The more you eat, the bigger you become. Be careful, you can get eaten by other larger black holes. Good luck.


  • Compete to be the strongest.
  • Play different maps at different times and places.
  • Grow bigger and take over entire towns and cities.
  • 2 battle royale and timer modes.

How to play

Start eating small things like plants and people as soon as the game starts. This will make you grow fast, then you can swallow bigger things. 

When you're old enough to eat bigger things, make that your primary goal. On maps with many buildings, you can eat the whole building to grow up quickly. 


Use your mouse to move your black holes.

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