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What is Doodle Jump

In the game Doodle Jump, the player controls "The Doodler", a four-legged creature that can jump as high as it can. The game ends if the Doodler falls to the bottom of the screen. By jumping on objects such as rockets or hats on a pedestal, the player can make Doodler move faster. UFOs are another type of "unidentified flying object" that Doodler must shoot, jump over, or avoid. Doodler will be stunned, fall and have to restart if you touch those items. In addition, there are some obstacles that can attract the Doodle to them, such as clouds or black holes.


  •   Many fantasy worlds for players such as space, football fields, forest, underwater ...
  • Power-ups to help players such as propeller cones, rockets...
  • Obstacles to avoid such as UFOs, black holes, giant monsters...
  • Connect with global players, compete for scores with friends.

How to play

To play Doodle Jump, simply scroll from left to right to get to the platforms. Left click to shoot. The game never ends, so jump as long as you can to get the highest score.

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